July 23, 2014

Summer sunset smokey eye tutorial

Hello again all!

Today I planned out a nice little tutorial for you all. This is by far the most complicated look I've done since startin this blog and I'm pretty proud of making it a tutorial. Keep reading to learn more, enjoy!

First I did my eyebrows, and primed my lids with my Elf eyelid primer, and let it set for 10 minutes.

Secondly, I took a domed, fluffy, blending brush (mines the Real Techniques Round Crease Brush) and dipped it into Mauve from my Lorac PRO Palette and mixed in just a hiiiint of Taupe for my transition shade. I lay the transition shade first to make blending easier so it doesn't muddy up the lid colors, which I'll be adding later.

*note I apologize these photos are pretty yellow-toned, I could not get my camera to adjust properly.:(

Then I took Sable from the same palette on a flat fluffy brush and blended that 3/4 of the way into my crease. I'm going to steer clear of that inner-most 1/4 of my crease so my pop of gold will show up ideally.

Then I look Garnet on a flat shader brush and kind of "stamped" it on my outter V to (A) avoid fallout as much as possible and (B) to get the right shape on both eyes. No one likes it when one eye has a night outter V shape and the other is more... Uh... Oval-y.

Then I just took the flat fluffy brush previously mentions and blended that out so there weren't any harsh edges.

After that was nicely blended I took Hustle from my Naked 1 palette on a (clean) fluffy flat blending brush and used that to just deepen my crease a bit for some more definition.

I then took Lt. Gold from my Lorac PRO palette and put that on my inner crease (remember that 1/4 we left bare?) and brought down a little onto my inner-most lid.

*gosh, sorry that bottom photo is so darn blurry! Today is apparently not my day.

Finally I took Urban Decay Half Baked and a flat shader brush that's a bit more dense and dabbed it onto the middle of my lid (the inner-half specifically).

Finally I added some eyeliner (L'oreal Super Slim liquid eyeliner, in Black) and mascara (Kat Von D mascara I can't recall the specific name and it's nowhere to be found on the packaging) to complete the look.

In natural lighting, to get a truer feel for what it looks like outside of my very yellow lighting.

Thank you all so much for reading and bearing with me lately. I hope you all are enjoying summer and taking advantage of these gorgeous days, come back and read again, I'd really appreciate it!:)

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