June 30, 2014

EOTD & surviving the summer

Hello again! 

Well at least 10 people saw my last post (!!!), which is really quite exciting. Especially considering I had 25 page views (but it says only ten of those views were on my actual post?) and it took me ages to reach that on my previous blog attempts! So I thought I'd give blogging two days in a row a shot and see if anyone comes back to visit.:)

So today we're just hanging around, trying to stay away from the suffocating sauna that is the outdoors right now. It looks like it's about to storm but it's 86 and beyond humid! I suddenly had a strong urge to do an eye look using a hint of purple, and it kind of worked out. Here ya go:

I don't know how well you all will be able to see it but I put a deep purple along my lower lash line and faded it to a light purple/highlight. I hope it's at least visible! 

Products used: Elf eyelid primer, Lorac PRO palette (White, Lt. Gold, and Taupe), NARS Fez, Rimmel London waterproof gel eyeliner in Black, Maybelline Pumped Up! Volu'm Express Mascara, and two shades from the Petal Pusher Wet N Wild 8-pan.

Things have been a little crazy around here lately with me cruising my way into the later part of my third trimester, and the tempature seems to be continuing to rise without mercy. Ice pops and a frozen wash cloth have been my MVPs these past couple of weeks, today especially!

Ohhh sweet relief! Right when I feel like I'm about to croak from the heat and general grossness, these babies come to my rescue. Along with keeping my new favorite scented lotion from Bath & Body Works in the refrigerator so when I want to cool off my legs or arms I can just put a little on and it instantly cools me off and the summery smell is a bonus.:)

It of course doesn't hurt that I got it two days ago during their Semi-Annual Sale for $3, score!

Those are my current favorite ways to beat the heat, what are your favorites? Any tried and true methods for staying nice and cool during these sweltering months? Thanks for stopping by, stay cool!

June 29, 2014

First post & easy everyday eye look!

:)Welcome all, I'm Shannon and this is my makeup blog. I've been passionate about makeup since I can remember and have tried a few times to start a makeup blog unsuccessfully but I'm committed to make it work this time! I hope you all will bear with me and come along for the ride:)

Alright! Now, on to this easy every day eye looks featuring an eyeliner that I just picked up the other day that I will certainly be reviewing soon and the Lorac PRO palette (original).

I've started off by priming my eyelid with Elf Eyelid Primer, and putting the Cream color from the Lorac PRO palette all over my lid to make blending and whatnot easier (and to correct any discoloration).

Next I'm going to take the Mauve color with a fluffy shader brush and softly define my crease, just to add a hint of definition. 

And really blend that all into your crease, (but don't bring it above the crease!) making sure it's really subtle and soft.

Next I'm going to take the shade Sable with a fluffy shader brush and concentrate blending that on the outer "V" area of my lid.

Ugh, my eyelids are so vein-y!:( sorry about that. Anywho, now I'm going to take Nude on a flat brush and put that on the middle/inner part of my lid and White on the brow bone. This will really brighten the eye area and make you look much more awake. Along with pulling the whole look together and making it look more polished.

Not as noticable in a photo as it is looking in the mirror but hey, I tried my best to capture it. Now I'm going to line my eyes with my Rimmel London gel waterproof eyeliner in Brown (002).

You don't have to flick out a wing like I did, but I have a weird eye shape and I just prefer it personally! Now to just add mascara and conceal and you're done.:)

Here's the finished look;

(Natural lighting)

(Yellow-lightbulb lighting)

Thanks for bearing with me, guys! I really hope you liked the post and will come back to see what's more to come. Thank for reading, have a great lazy Sunday!