July 3, 2014

Review & swatches: Orly "Uncharted" nail polish

I have been all about summer colors lately, well, it being summer and all

The other day I was at my local T.J. Maxx and came across the amazing nail polish section that they almost always keep fully stocked with the Orly four pack mini's and full-sized duos. So I snagged up two! One of the "Hot Shots" four packs of mini polishes ($6.99) that has a gorgeous dark-er teal (matte creme), muted purple (matte creme), hot magenta-pink (shimmer), and a gorrrrgeous peach (sparkle). I also picked up a duo of full-sized Orly nail polishes, one being a matte creme orange, and the other a true-yellow shimmer.

Safe to say I have pleanty of nail polishes to keep my review-queue full for quite some time! Phew! Today I will be reviewing & swatching the magenta-pink shimmer. It is beautiful to say the least, it is what I can only describe as a dragon fruit-type color. See that ring of color right around the white flesh of the fruit? That's exactly what this color looks like to me. 

GAH! I love it. This is a two coat formula for sure, it doesn't look terrible with just one coat but it's streaky and uneven and the second coat makes it completely opaque and perfect. It's not goopy at all and went on very smooth, not a lot of effort required to level the paint. I think I found my new favorite pink polish, it's essentially fruit-punch for your nails!

What's your favorite pink nail polish? Do you like this polish?

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