July 24, 2014

Manly Baby Shower?!

Haha, okay maybe not. Let's be real, a baby shower can only be so manly in the first place, and having a little girl only makes that harder! However, Logan's coworkers are quite excited for us and so wonderfully decided to surprise him with a mini baby shower at work last night. Safe to say I was not expecting what he came home with this morning. I thought maybe 4-5 people would be orcastrating this event because (A) he works night shift and one would think less people work night shift than day shift because well, who wants to pull all nighters constantly and (B) I simply thought not many people worked with him on his wing. But no, he showed up at the door this morning with about 1 1/2 dozen bags! 

We spent the morning unwrapping, looking at all the adorable outfits, soaking up all the excitment of this baby coming soon, and being extremely grateful for such generous people. It was a blast and I can't describe how dang cute these outfits were (there's only so many times I can say "that's SO cute!" Before it becomes simply inadequate) along with countless diapers, wipes, and other bath/miscellaneous goodies.

Here's a few of our favorite things we received (there were like 5 outfits I'm in love with that I didn't take pictures of for some mystery reason, thanks pregnancy brain):

What an adorable thing to have on a bib!

This beautiful frame that I wanted but didn't know where to find, how fun is that going to be to fill up with pictures of baby rolls and toothless smiles!:)

A little romper, I have a thing for soft-gray combinations in baby girls' clothing. So precious!

And this little outfit, love the "peasant" top as my mother-in-law calls them. Those little polka-spots along with little cute owls and bubble-cap-sleeves, killll me!

Safe to say we're set for bath things for a while. (Hello, swollen toes)

And a huge bag filled with diapers and wipes strategically stacked to fit perfectly in this adorable polka-spot bag. That doesn't include the 100-count box of size ones we got also! Phew!

We are feeling so incredibly blessed to have people willing to be so generous and help so much when we really haven't known them for long at all. We couldn't be happier with everything we received and all of this only makes our little girls arrival even higher-anticipated! I hope you all enjoyed a glimps into our excitment and adorable-clothes-stash, have a super wonderful day and thanks for reading!:)

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