August 6, 2014

Tutorial: Golden UD Smokey Eye

Hello lovelies! After weeks of searching and really kind of being convinced that I was never going to see it again, I found my Urban Decay Vice Palette (original)! I'm thrilled, it's going to be so nice having all these fun colors to play with and produce some more interesting posts for you guys. Because let's be real, I love my Naked, Lorac PRO, and all of those other palettes to pieces but there's only so many looks I can do with neutral colors. So today I'm diving into a step-by-step of a look that's certainly out of my comfort zone, gold!

If you're interested to know how I got this look, keep reading!

Step one: I primed my eyelids all the way from lash line to brow bone.

Step two: I opened up my Urban Decay The Vice palette and dipped a dome-shaped blending brush (mine was quite large, and synthetic) into the color Laced, (which is a dusty-nude pink) and blended it across my entire crease. This is just being used as my transition color and I didn't even really deposit enough color to bother taking a picture of it, just enough to make blending easier and more seamless.

Step three: I then dipped that same brush into the color Muse (a beautiful cocoa-brown with golden shimmer, it leans slightly cool) and dabbed it into my outter "V" and gently blended it into my crease making sure to steer clear of the inner 1/3 and concentrating the most color in the outter 1/3.

Note; I used tape to get a clean line to get the cat-eye effect that I desired but it's completely optional.

Step three: I then took the color Sable from my Lorac PRO palette one a flat-fluffy brush and used that to buff out the crease a little more and just add a bit of warmth and depth to my outter corner.

Step four: then I took my flat, dense, shader brush that came with my UD Naked palette in the color Blitz from The Vice palette (a yellow/gold color that's very matallic, not chunky glitter) and ever-so-gingerly patted that onto the naked part of my lid. I did this a couple times to get the desired effect and make sure it was deposited in the right spots.

Step five: after making sure I had that color right where I wanted it, I went back in with my fluffy flat brush (not wiped off so there's still a hint of left over Sable on it) and verrry gently blended just the edges of Blitz so it doesn't look so blunt, going for a more soft and "air brushed" effect. I also went ahead and added my tear duct/inner-most lid highlight which is the color Nude from the Lorac PRO palette and my browbone highlight which is Anonomous from The Vice palette.

Finally I slapped on some mascara, eyeliner, concealer, and blush. Here is the completed look;

I hope you all enjoyed this look and are just as excited as I am to do many, many more looks and tutorials using outside-the-box colors. Thanks for reading!:)

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