August 6, 2014

37 week pregnancy update!

Happy 37 weeks of pregnancy to me! 

Throughout the pregnancy I have had my worst discomfort from weeks 32-35 the past two weeks really haven't been too bad. Although, that in no way lessens how much I want this baby girl to be born already!

I've gained just about 30 lbs so far and really hoping that at this coming doctors appointment (tomorrow) that I've only gained 1lb or less this past week. It's hard to accept the fact that I'm supposed to gain this amount of weight, having had previous body/self-image/weight/eating issues. I know that weight gain is sanonamous with pregnancy, but it's just so odd seeing the number on the scale and knowing I shouldn't be panicked by it. If you know what I mean?

Anyways, I've been doing a lot better with not panicking over the number on the scale. I feel pretty good, I know I could go into labor any moment now which is exciting (in a nauseating kind of way), nerve wracking, and kind of puts my mind at ease knowing she'll be here soon.:)

My worst symptoms thus far are:
Feet being quite swollen, random nausea that hits without warning and is very intense, heartburn, overall soreness, recently I've been having random sharp cramps, and being exhausted all the time!

I've been feeling her shifting around a lot, and now that space is so right in my belly it kind of feels gross. My mother-in-law would describe it as "feeling like a belly full of snakes" which is spot. on. However, it's still so nice and comforting feeling her moving knowing she's doing well in there, especially since we haven't seen her since I've been 22 weeks! 

Send labor dust my way, we are so excited.:) thanks for reading stay tuned for more updates!

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