September 11, 2014

New Mommy Life Update!:)

Hello again!

I sincerely apologize for my absence ever since August 19th, but as a lot of you have probably figured out by now, I was induced on the 21st and had our little girl on the 22nd. Safe to say my life has been very busy with doctors appointments, recovery, and adjusting to parenthood! It's been a much easier transition than I was expecting and for that I am so grateful. Recovery has also been generally pretty easy and I'm endlessly thankful for that as well. Our little girls' name is Mckenzie Cathryn Shea (she has two middle names, I will not be sharing her last name here), she weighed 8lbs 9oz and was 20 & 3/4 inches long. Which is much smaller than everyone was expecting, especially because the ultrasound we had the day before induction said she was going to be 9lbs 11oz (and she could be as much as 22oz bigger than that!) so I was very pleased.

I will post my birth story if anyone would be interested in reading it, it's quite long but pretty interesting so comment below if you would want me to post that!

We are thrilled to report that Mckenzie is doing wonderfully at home, she's gained 1lb 1oz since birth and we will find out how much longer she's gotten at her 1 month appointment in about two weeks. She will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and I'm so happy to see her growing and her little personality blossoming, but also kind of sad because I know she's still really little but I don't want her to grow up too fast!:( I'm feeling great emotionally, which is a huge relief, I was very worried about being effected by post partum depression. Snuggles with the baby and hubby always help when I start to feel all over-emotional and teary-for-no-reason.:)

Here are a few pictures (I tried to restrain myself!!) of Mckenzie from the past 3 weeks;

Right after birth, I was on lots of pain meds and was obviously crying

Her going home outfit!

Five days old and was smiling already!

The weekly pregnancy photos have transitioned into weekly baby pictures!

She is SO happy almost all the time, she wakes up smiling constantly and always wants to just hangout, look around, and smile at everything/one she comes across!

She has big feet too!

She's so sassy, one of my favorites!:)

I hope you all enjoyed my life update, and again I apologize for the longer-than-anticipated absence, thank you all for being patient with me!:)


  1. I was so happy to read this!!!!!- she is absolutely precious. I would love to read the birth story. We are 4 weeks away from our due date and I'm trying to read as much as I can.
    Congrats, mama. She's beautiful!!!!
    Jessica @

  2. I totally understand, reading birth stories was my favorite thing to do in the weeks nearing my due date. Thank you so much, we are having a ball with her and loving being parents so much! I will post my birth story as soon as I have time to type it all out, I hope you don't mind reading a long one!(: