October 25, 2014

Review: Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in Born With It

Hello again everyone!

I was reading blogs all over today and it really gave me the kick in the butt I really needed to start posting regularly again, even if it's just an Eye Of The Day (EOTD). I like to tell myself I don't write more often because of being busy, but let's be real.. I find myself sitting on my ass more than one might think a new parent would (perks of having a very happy baby!). So that's that, now on to the good stuff!

So about a month ago (almost exactly, actually) my mom was in town and that's when I picked up everything fautured in my Walmart Haul one of those items was Maybelline's ColorSensational lipstick in "Born with it". This color is absolutely gorgeous, it's the perfect pinkish-nude on me. It reads "my lips but better" (MLBB) without a even a hint of "my lips are covered in concealer" and honestly, what more could a girl want in a nude lipstick?! 

However, this lipstick is not without a fault or two, which we'll talk more about in a few moments. Alright on to the review!

   Packaging is nice and solid-feeling.

    Giving some perspective size-wise.

   If you look veryyy closely at the part of the lipstick where I used it and broke the "seal" you can see the hidden sparkle.

    Swatch on the left is two swipes and the right swatch is one swipe.

Color and texture: This lipstick, like I said, is a perfect pinky-nude. It is by no means more-pink-than-nude but juuust pink enough where it doesn't look concealer-y or unnatural. The texture I find to feel semi-moisturizing and not drying at all (unless you already have chapped lips in which case, you should be wearing lip balm, not lipstick!), and very creamy! It does settle into my lips fine lines ever-so-slightly but is only noticable if I look at my lips about three inches away from the mirror. Basically unless you live with someone who has a lip fettish or finds themselves staring at lips very close up as a pastime then you should be good to go! 8/10

Pigmentation: This lipstick is well pigmented, its medium opacity which is how I prefer my lip-products because I feel like if it's too heavily pigmented it can bring out flaws and accentuate dryness. With one swipe I get the perfect pigmentation for the "MLBB" look and if I want it to kind of "override" my natural lip color I'll go two swipes because even then it's very flattering. 9/10

Fragrance or Flavor: I don't detect any fragrance or flavor to this particular lipstick, maybe a very light vanilla scent but just barely-there. 10/10

Downfall(s): The singular and pretty big downfall to this lipstick is that once the color fades away from the lips (after about 4 hours) it leaves behind this verrrrry fine silver glitter. God Forbid if you touch that sparkle, it gets everywhere and is hard to get off of hands, face, boyfriends face, etc. I mean I like that it's not gritty at all and the glitter doesn't show up initially but I just sooooo wish Maybelline had left out the shimmer all together. The name of the color is Born With It, who on Earth is born with glitter all over their mouth?! Major downfall for me but it won't stop me from wearing it although it might stop me from repurchasing. It's a real shame.:(

My favorite way to wear this product is with a very thin layer of a thicker lip balm on my lips (Carmex in my case), let it sink in a minute or two, and then the lipstick.

Overall verdict: I really enjoy the color, texture, and wear of this lipstick but that glitter hassle might be a deal breaker for me. Hopefully Maybelline has something similar sans glitter or will reformulate in the future because other than that it's HolyGrail worthy. 6/10

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